Dating Journal Question #6

Catch up on Questions #1-5 (especially #5 because it does the groundwork for this question). Very important question below! Each in the Dating Journal Questions peels back a layer to the way we interact in a relationship. The following questions are very important if you are looking to create and have a healthy relationship. Please […]

Dating Journal Question #5

Catch up on Questions #1-4 Sometimes we need to look back and understand the past to be able to move forward without repeating it. Isn’t that what every history teach told us through school? But it’s true. In order to create a new reality and a better future, we must understand the past. The following […]

Dating Journal Question #4

Check out this post for background on this exercise and Question #3 to get caught up. Question #4 Step 1. List all the characteristic of your ideal partner (without mentioning looks). Do at least 20 things (even if they seem silly and small). Example list: Kind Respectful Self-confident Supportive Generous Loyal Doesn’t play games Clear […]

Dating Journal Question #2

Check out the Journal Question #1 These journaling prompts will help clarify what you want so you can manifest the right relationship for you and also help you to notice and set boundaries when you are in something you don’t want but are allowing. Be honest with yourself during these questions. Your Purge Journal is […]