Too much ME to make a WE

Are you the partner that you would want to have?

I once had a client that only wanted to know which of his two suitors wanted him more, which one was more devoted, and which one wouldn’t leave him. When I asked him which one he wanted to be with, he would bring it back to, “Well which one loves me more?” So is this love or is this fear and ego?

In a relationship, we tend to just think of ourselves. When we imagine our ideal or current relationship, we think about how we feel and how our partner makes us feel. We want to be happy with our partner. We want to know our partner wants and loves us. Me me me me. But…how many times have you thought about how you want your partner to feel? Continue reading “Too much ME to make a WE”

Leggo of your Ego

The ego’s flair for drama and pain avoidance can keep us from who we want to be.

The Ego.

Let’s start with the definition because ego is thrown around a lot but rarely clearly defined. I was taught a specific definition by one of my spiritual mentors and it’s the one I’ve come to use in my work. So by ego, I don’t mean what society equates with “someone having a big ego,” as being full of yourself, boastful, prideful, or cocky. And I don’t mean the Freudian ego, which I will not attempt to summarize.

The ego, for our purposes, is defined as the learned negative self-chatter and negative self-beliefs we carry. Continue reading “Leggo of your Ego”