Em+Fit = Emotional + Physical Fitness

Have you ever thought to yourself, “it can’t be just calories in and calories out,” when it comes to weight loss? You’re right. Maybe this thought came to you after another failed weight loss attempt. Maybe this came right when you were about to give up.

Here’s the truth: You deserve health. You deserve to feel good. Inside and out.

Jumping into a restrictive diet or overzealous exercise routine without addressing the real root cause of the excess weight is like cutting the top of a weed and expecting it to be gone. With enough time, the left roots will begin to grow and the weed will appear again.

Em+Fit is designed to address the root cause of your weight.

The 12 week program has been handcrafted to empower you to take charge of your health, inside and out. At the end you can walk away self-sufficient with tools and techniques that actually work to healthfully process your emotions, to nourish and move your body, and to wire your brain for success. You will have created a foundation of self-trust and self-love that will continue to grow the rest of your life.

Photos before Caroline’s Em+Fit journey (left) and after (right).

I learned and perfected these tools over years. I want to help you do it in 12 weeks.

Em+Fit’s goal is to give you effortless weight loss by healing the root cause of the “stubborn weight:” your emotions, your beliefs, and your habits. Cutting edge research is attributing more and more physical ailments to our emotions and thoughts. In Em+Fit, we illuminate, heal, and remove these elusive blocks under the surface that keep you stuck in those disempowering cycles with your weight. We re-educate your beliefs and habits around your body, nutriton, self-love, exercise empowerment, inner peace, and more.

This program sets you up for success for the long term. This isn’t a 12 week program that abandons you after. You leave with the ability to feel empowered in yourself, mastery of insightful and powerful tools, and knowledge to keep progressing long after.

The Em+Fit program is designed to help you remove the unneeded layers for good and uncover the best you that is already inside. Every piece of this program has been crafted to set you up for success and to see results. You just have to show up.

With Em+Fit you will receive:

  • Weekly Strength Training Workouts
  • Nutritional Re-education
  • Weekly Accountability Check-ins
  • Intuitive Life Coaching
  • Subconscious Rewiring Techniques
  • Guided Meditations
  • Powerful Emotional Toolbox
  • Complimentary Journal
  • Crafted Personalized Essential Oil Blend
  • and more!

The program can be personalized for a one-on-one coaching experience or can be used for a small group. Em+Fit is available remotely or in person in the San Diego area.

Learn more about your guide and instructor Caroline here

Contact Caroline below for inquiries of an Em+Fit program or book a session. Space is limited.

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