Accept everybody…except your body

Why we reject our bodies and the wisdom I learned battling my own distorted body image

For whatever reason, we tend to reject our bodies. Maybe the media got into our heads when we were starting to be conscious of our bodies. Maybe this rejection was modeled by our parents or role models. Whatever the origin, because of this many of us have engaged in unhealthy and possibly dangerous methods to reach our “ideal” body. Even when we do reach our goals this way, it’s never as satisfying or as long lasting as we had imagined it to be. This is because a healthy body is the product of a healthy, loving mindset, real nutritious food and drink, and some physical activity. And that isn’t some “live, laugh love” bedroom wall quote or #quotephase under a yoga pants wearing, pumpkin spice latte picture. I know this from living in my own personal hell and battling my mind with this every day. I had my own personal war with disordered eating, crash diets and “cleanses,” diet pills, obsessive calorie control and working out, and an extremely unkind and critical self-view. Anything that declared it could make me lose weight “fast and easy,” I was putting in my body or trying it. This obsession began at the age of 9 years old when I started counting my calories and telling myself I was too fat.

First thing’s first…a 9 year old doesn’t know to count calories. It’s a learned behavior. We don’t know anything is “wrong” with us or our bodies until someone tells us so. Continue reading “Accept everybody…except your body”

Leggo of your Ego

The ego’s flair for drama and pain avoidance can keep us from who we want to be.

The Ego.

Let’s start with the definition because ego is thrown around a lot but rarely clearly defined. I was taught a specific definition by one of my spiritual mentors and it’s the one I’ve come to use in my work. So by ego, I don’t mean what society equates with “someone having a big ego,” as being full of yourself, boastful, prideful, or cocky. And I don’t mean the Freudian ego, which I will not attempt to summarize.

The ego, for our purposes, is defined as the learned negative self-chatter and negative self-beliefs we carry. Continue reading “Leggo of your Ego”

Meditation to Me

I can’t find a definition I like so explain what mediation means to me and a few styles.

The purpose of mediation is to quiet the mind to all the chatter and racing thoughts. But sitting cross-legged and going into “the void” where your mind is completely blank is not the easiest practice to begin without guidance. It took a very dedicated practice for me to be able to quiet my “monkey mind.” (The Buddhists call it “monkey mind,” because the mind jumps from thought to thought the way a monkey swings from one tree branch to another. So…your mind is like a giant “Barrel of Monkeys” game…. Hm. Maybe my weirdest analogy to date.)0003224404056_500x500 Continue reading “Meditation to Me”

Q&A on WooWoo for the Skeptic

Enjoy my interview on WooWoo for the Skeptic.

My Interview!

My friend and fellow healer Kim Polinder interviewed me for her podcast WooWoo for the Skeptic. I talk more about my personal story, my journey to heal my depression and anxiety, and answer general questions about spirituality. Continue reading “Q&A on WooWoo for the Skeptic”

New Year New Mindset

The positive effects of gratitude and preparing for the Month of Gratitude.

Ahhhh…the end of the year. Let the “New Year. New Me.” posts reign. But instead of letting this be just a strategically hashtagged and well-timed post on one of your social media outlets, why not begin this “New Me” journey with a simple “New Year” gratitude exercise for the month of January. Let’s try something different this year. Start this new year in way you never have before and open the door to possibilities. Instead of “New Year. New Me.” how about “New Year. New Mindset.” or “New Year. New Gratitude.” Ok…so those are not anywhere near as catchy Continue reading “New Year New Mindset”

Have no fear, your journals are here!

The journaling basics for healthy processing of emotions

Dear Diary,

Wait until you hear this shizzz….

Who had a diary growing up? Show of virtual hands.

I know many of us were given diaries as gifts and, if you were anything like me as a 90’s kid, it left you with a collection of mostly blank Lisa Frank notebooks. Today, I’m asking you to make up with your diary…well, maybe not the Lisa Frank one. Continue reading “Have no fear, your journals are here!”

Why? Why? WHY?

We need to revert back to our four year old selves and ask “why?” about everything.



“Because why?”

“Because because. That’s why.”

“But WHHHY??”

When we were little, we asked “why” to understand how the world around us works. We did it to learn. I propose, to learn about your inner world, you ask yourself, “why” the same way you did when you were a little kid.

I feel like we don’t ask ourselves, “why?” enough. But I think we answer this question even less. “Why am I doing this?” “Why did I do that?”  This may be the simplest way to create self-awareness. Continue reading “Why? Why? WHY?”