Body Image Journal Prompts

Grab your Purge journal, find a private place, and let’s clean out some emotional wounds!

Let the emotions and words flow freely. There’s no right or wrong. It’s possible in your journaling to connect to things that originally felt unrelated or that you didn’t want to look into. Do what feels safe and comfortable. Stretch yourself but only to the point that is safe. Remember emotions are temporary, especially if we express them in a healthy way like writing. And they become even more temporary and manageable the more we process them in these healthy ways.

Enjoy uncovering the layers and good luck!

If your body never changed from this moment, could you love and accept yourself wholly? Continue reading “Body Image Journal Prompts”

Manifestation and Affirmation Prompts

Prompts for easier and clearer manifestations and affirmations.

Check out this post for a more thorough understanding of manifestations before you begin and use this post to set up your Manifestation Journal, where all your manifestations and positive affirmations will be written.

Manifestations and affirmations should be said/written in the present tense.

I am ____________

I have ____________

But sometimes it can be uncomfortable or feel like a lie to say some affirmations if they don’t feel true yet. Continue reading “Manifestation and Affirmation Prompts”

Have no fear, your journals are here!

The journaling basics for healthy processing of emotions

Dear Diary,

Wait until you hear this shizzz….

Who had a diary growing up? Show of virtual hands.

I know many of us were given diaries as gifts and, if you were anything like me as a 90’s kid, it left you with a collection of mostly blank Lisa Frank notebooks. Today, I’m asking you to make up with your diary…well, maybe not the Lisa Frank one. Continue reading “Have no fear, your journals are here!”