Are you manifesting what you want or what you DON’T want?

I’m going to focus on the importance of our thoughts, self-talk, and emotions and how that affects what we manifest in our lives.

Your thoughts contain energetic vibrations that get sent out into the universe and influence your reality. Everything that comes into your space matches your energetic vibration. The concept that your thoughts work like magnets and pull in “like” vibrations is called the “law of attraction.” This has been explored for over a century and in many different healing sectors. Even much of the modern Western medical community acknowledges that positive thought aids in healing the body.

Before expanding on how this connects to what we pull into our life, for poops and giggles, let’s briefly touch on how this removes things from our life. Continue reading “Are you manifesting what you want or what you DON’T want?”

Meditation to Me

The purpose of mediation is to quiet the mind to all the chatter and racing thoughts. But sitting cross-legged and going into “the void” where your mind is completely blank is not the easiest practice to begin without guidance. It took a very dedicated practice for me to be able to quiet my “monkey mind.” (The Buddhists call it “monkey mind,” because the mind jumps from thought to thought the way a monkey swings from one tree branch to another. So…your mind is like a giant “Barrel of Monkeys” game…. Hm. Maybe my weirdest analogy to date.)0003224404056_500x500 Continue reading “Meditation to Me”