Caroline is a teacher at her essence. Her passion is to empower people to heal themselves. Her teacher’s spirit was ignited by instructing over a thousand people as a surf instructor and later as a small meditation group leader. Caroline has been an athlete and an intuitive her entire life but only recently, through her own journey of self-healing, has she found a way to combine the two. Caroline drowned in anxiety and depression for many years not knowing how to get out. Her self-sabotaging behaviors brought her body to the “clinically obese” range and into a crippling suicidal mental state. She decided to focus her energies on self-love, stopped obsessing about the scale, and ended up committing two years to devoted self-healing. Her journey led to re-opening and healing a lifetime of emotional wounds and subsequently creating sustainable physical health and fitness along the way. This inspired her to create the Em+Fit (emotional health +fitness) Programβ„’. Caroline is a Certified Fitness Trainer, Guided Meditation Leader, and Intuitive Counselor. She has a B.A. in Anthropology and Environmental Studies and a M.A.S. in Marine Biodiversity and Conservation. When she’s not surfing, doing jiujistu, or enjoying the San Diego sunshine, she is teaching others how to heal themselves and instill practical emotional and physical health.


Caroline is available for online and in-person personal training, guided meditation, and intuitive life coaching sessions. Contact her via the Contact page, Facebook, or makingom.com@gmail.com.